Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nissan Motor Company will reshape its Sunderland plant in England

Nissan Motor Company (TYO: 7201) is going to reshape production plan at its Sunderland car plant. Supported by the British government, under the new plan, production of the popular Nissan Qashqai will be increased and a new small SUV will be introduced by the third largest Japanese auto maker. Within 2010, Nissan will remove the production of Micra to Chennai.

On 3rd June, British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown will visit Nissan design center and reveal the government support package. So far, it has not been confirmed whether Nissan Motor Company will receive any government fund for developing new capacity at the plant. Times Online reports:

The Sunderland plant employs 4,200 people and produces around 350,000 cars a year. An extra 800 workers are expected to be taken on in July to staff a third shift to work on the Qashqai production line.

Meanwhile, the government is under pressure to fight European taxes that could add thousands of pounds to the price of new Jaguars and Land Rovers.

Ford, the American car giant, will complete the sale of the two British car companies to India’s Tata group this week.

Europe plans to levy hefty taxes on cars that do not meet strict emission limits by 2012.

An exemption will allow small-volume carmakers to avoid the blow, while luxury carmakers that are part of bigger groups will be sheltered by their parents’ smaller car fleets.

The Nissan car plant situated at Sunder in England is one of the most efficient car plants in Europe. Recently, Nissan expressed its concern over the pound euro relationship.

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