Sunday, May 04, 2008

LGenV2: Another Qwerty phone from LG

The Laclede Group Incorporation, also known as LG, is one of the top cell phone producers in the world. Here is a review of their latest Qwetry phone product- LGenV2.

The latest version of LGenV2 is smaller and slimmer than its predecessor, LG VX9900 enV.

The phone looks very polished, and elegant with its maroon paint.

The phone has an improved interface. It brings key features to the top menu level. This also includes instant messaging, navigation, and ringtones.

Call quality has not been improved but it has all the favorite calling features: Bluetooth, speaker-independent voice dialing, conference calling.

Text messaging, MMS, instant messaging through Yahoo, MSN and AOL, and basic e-mail work fine. The internal key board is not so smooth. It would have been better if the ‘Space bar’ button was in the center. The problem is it does not have too many message option which fails to make it the ultimate messaging machine.

Multimedia are the weakest feature of the phone. The music and video section has unnecessary options. It requires extra software to recognize memory card synchronized with Windows Media player. Downloading is also very difficult.

With the internal key board, you may be able to type long web addresses but the phone fails to open websites properly. It would have been better if an Opera mini browser was included.

The external screen display is too small. The external key pad may not feel smooth but the numbers on the keys will make feel cozy. This is the best feature of the phone.

The phone also has a better navigation system.

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