Tuesday, May 13, 2008

LG Secret LG-KF750 Cell Phone

You perhaps that LG is doing quite well in the mobile phone market. It is now the fourth largest name in mobile phone handset world and it is trying to surpass Motorola and go in the third position. One of the things that LG is doing very well is to present new handsets on a consistent basis. LG Secret KF750 is not a secret anymore. Rather, it is available in many countries. It is a touch screen mobile phone.

infoSync World wrote:

Sporting a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus (in an ultra-slim profile at 11.8mm), the LG Secret KF750 can take pictures with sensitivity up to ISO800 and shoot QVGA videos at 120 fps. Included camera features are Morphing (facial editing) and SmartLight, that automatically adjusts a picture's light settings. Users can also take advantage of the Movie Maker Software in the handset to create their own music videos.

PC Advisor wrote:

The LG Secret is 11.8mm thick, is clad in carbon-fibre and is designed to look as good after several months' use as it did when it was first plucked from the shelf your local mobile phone shop.

LG says it added a tempered glass LCD display to add both “sheen and strength”. We just hope it isn't as susceptible to grubby fingerprint marks as the Shine.

It is a nice phone and it will surely attract many consumers.


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