Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hyundai Motors India to Develop Automobile Section of Industrial Training Institute in Assam

Hyundai Motors India Limited is the second largest car maker in Indian market. Now, it seems that the South Korean automaker is now making a long term plan in order to make its base stronger in the emerging car market of India.

The company is now focusing on the development of Industrial Training Institute in the country. Last year, Hyundai upgraded the automobile section of the ITI in Guwahati, and now the company is seriously planning to bring the other of Industrial Training Institute under its development scheme by providing training material and jobs for the students.

Steelguru reported:

Under the plan, Hyundai Motors will supply training material to these institutes and will also train its instructors about the latest automobile technology for the next 5 years. Certificates will be issued by the company to graduates who pass out from these ITIs.
Mr B Mani senior GM of Hyundai Motors India said that "We would include all the ITIs in Assam which have automobile section in a phased manner. Under the Phase I, we upgraded the Guwahati ITI and would include a few more institutes in the next phase."

Hyundai Motor India Foundation last year helped Guwahati ITI to scale up its training facilities. In fact, the company invested Indian Rupees of 30 crore and the company is ready to spend more for the renovation of automobile sector of other Industrial Training Institute. Under its upgrading program, the company would focus on introducing latest automotive technologies to the teachers of the institutes. Students will be able to increase their knowledge and skills by using engine, transmission and other assemblies provided by Hyundai in different institutes.

I think, it is a praiseworthy initiative that Hyundai is doing in the institutes of Assam. Indian car market is ever increasing and getting bigger with days passing by. So, in order to capitalize fully on the rapid expand of Indian car market, lots of skilled manpower is needed. Foreign companies will also need a lot of skilled people in future in order to operate their business activities in the Indian car market. It is really very good that Hyundai could understand the reality. Now, let us see if other players of Indian market will also join Hyundai to invest in the educational institutes in India.