Friday, May 02, 2008

EOS Rebel XSi Digital Camera from Canon

When it comes to digital camera, the name of Canon Inc. (TYO:7751) comes to the mind of many people naturally. In fact, the company has many models in digital camera market segment. Now, EOS Rebel XSi Digital Camera has got some good reviews from different websites. I am giving some links to some entries from other websites and blogs:

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Canon EOS Rebel XSi Digital SLR Camera

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Canon EOS Rebel XSi (body only, black)

I am giving some information about the features of the camera from Canon website:

14-bit A/D Converter

With the EOS Rebel XSi, analog to digital signal conversion is executed by a 14-bit processor, which generates digital data with incredibly smooth tones. Formerly a feature only present in top-of-the-line pro digital SLR cameras, the 14-bit conversion gives incredibly smooth transitions from light to dark colors, with far less risk of "banding." A sky at sunset is a perfect example. With this rich 14-bit gradation the EOS Rebel XSi offers RAW images of the highest quality that can be processed with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software. Even JPEG files, which are always finished at 8-bits per channel, use the full 14-bit conversion initially to generate the best possible color and tonal detail. Another huge benefit of the 14-bit conversion is the Highlight Tone Priority option, which allows critical shooters to increase the level of detail in bright areas of a scene up to one stop, without affecting overall exposure.

I think that I have provided some useful links for you to get all the information you need about EOS Rebel XSi Digital Camera. So, visit the websites and then make up your mind about buying it.