Sunday, May 04, 2008

China wants to Carry on Co-operation with Japan on Food Poisoning Issue

In January 2008, 10 Japanese people became ill due to food poisoning. A through investigation is being undertaken on this issue. Recently, Hu Jintao, President of China, said that his country was interested to cooperate with Japan on this issue. Besides Japan, China has also inspected the concerned departments following food poisoning incident.

Chinese President is due to go on a state visit to Japan from 6 May to 10 May. Ahead of the five day visit, Mr. President recently talked about his upcoming visit to Japan with the journalists from 16 Japanese media institutions in Beijing.

Xinhuanet reported:

He said China attaches great importance to food safety and has devoted much attention to the case. He added that China has instructed relevant departments to make an earnest and thorough investigation.

Noting that China has had close contact with Japan on the progress of the investigation, he said China is prepared to have consultations and cooperation with Japan to establish a long-term mechanism for food safety.

The dumpling case, which resulted in 10 people falling ill in Japan, came to light in late January. Investigators from both countries have worked together to find the cause.

The upcoming visit of the Chinese president to Japan is seen as a significant state tour for the bilateral relationship between the two countries. There is no doubt, the incident like food poisoning is very important issue that both the countries should focus on and it is the responsibility for both the governments to ensure food safety for the Japanese and Chinese people.