Thursday, May 08, 2008

China Wants Technological Help from Japan on Energy and Environment Issue

You already know that president of China, Hu Jintao is now in Japan on a five day state visit. Mr. Hu has come to Japan with a view to make the political relationship between the two countries stronger and resolve the territorial problems. Hu Jintao and Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda are meeting on various issues between the two countries. In fact, other countries have also kept an eye on the tour of Chinese President.

Energy and environmental issue come in the forefront of President Hu Jintao’s agenda of meeting. Both the leaders are interested to work together on energy ground. China is seeking help of Japanese technology in order to achieve energy efficiency and improve its environment.

Chron reported:

China, including Hong Kong, is now Japan's largest trading partner, with bilateral trade at $237 billion (170 billion euros) last year.

"I believe there is huge potential," Hu told Japanese business leaders Wednesday.

Putting business before politics, Hu emphasized China's interest in Japan's advanced technology, expertise it needs to improve its energy efficiency and rescue its ravaged environment.

"The two countries are highly complementary to each other in their economic growth and their economic, technical and trade cooperation have tremendous potential," China's official Xinhua News Agency declared.

There are many who are optimistic about this state visit of Chinese president. The analysts are expecting it will ease the relationship between the two countries and both the countries will forget their bitter past.

Having permanent energy sources is one of the preconditions of a sound economy. So, finding energy sources is much more important for both the countries. Price of oil in international market is increasing on a permanent basis. So, I think, both China and Japan should co-operate each other in finding renewable energy sources. Japan has advanced technology. If the two countries help each other, finding renewable energy sources would be easier for both the countries. Renewable energy sources are more environment friendly.