Sunday, May 25, 2008

Are all hybrids really money savers?

Although hybrids are the latest craze in the USA in the face of rising fuel cost, they come with higher price tags compared to traditional cars. As a result, you would often end up spending more money after your car than you could save on gasoline. However, some hybrid cars are truly money savers. Currently, there are six hybrid models USA from Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Honda that can save your money. reports:

The good news: Drivers can now choose from six hybrid models from Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Honda that all could earn back their price premiums in less than 10 years. Four of those five can save you enough in gas to offset the higher cost in as few as six years. That figure could climb higher if you considered corporate twins such as the Mercury Mariner for the Ford Escape or the Saturn Aura for the Chevrolet Malibu.

The bad news: Some of the top performers a similar Cleveland Plain Dealer analysis last year fell a few notches. Last year, Honda's Civic hybrid looked as if it would take about three years to earn back its higher cost. In this year's analysis, the Civic takes more than four years.

Currently in the USA, Toyota Camry and Honda Civic makes up the most of the hybrid car sales. For urban drivers, Toyota Prius is better but for suburban drivers Saturn Vue Green as it gives significant boost during highway driving.

So, it looks like buying a hybrid is not going to solve your fuel problems right away. You have to chose carefully from the existing models of hybrids.

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