Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Incorporates Style, Technology, But Highly Expensive

Rolls-Royce is not a brand of car for middle class people. It is one of the preferred brands for the rich. However, the latest model of Rolls-Royce unveiled in the Geneva Motor Show 2008 recently seems to be highly expensive. One has to spend $400,000 in order to own a Phantom Coupe. You might be thinking about what is so special in the model.

Well, first of all the model incorporates both style and technology which is a rare combination. Its hood, body, headlight, steering, brake and every other equipment give a gorgeous look to the car. The car uses V12 engine which develops 453 horsepower. The 6.75 liter engine is one of the notable features of the car.

Signonsandiego reported:

-- A 453 horsepower, 6.75-liter V-12, which Rolls claims will have a 25 percent wider cruising radius than the "Drophead Coupe," thanks to a larger fuel tank.

As an extended-ranger cruise, the coupe will be "agile, fast, long-legged and virtually silent."

The car has already attracted new buyers for Rolls-Royce. About two third of its sales orders has come from non-Rolls-Royce users. So, it is definitely a success for the company. However, the company could see much more success in the years to come. Rolls-Royce authority has got more than 200 sales orders for the model which exceeds the production limits of this year. So, it seems that the high price of Rolls-Royce does not seem to affect on its sales. That is what I mentioned earlier that Rolls-Royce is not a brand for middle class people.