Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Racer Mat Jackson Receives Backing from BMW

Mat Jackson, British Touring Car Championship independent, has received the backing from BMW. So, he will race this year under the banner of BMW. He will have ex-Andy Priaulx BMW 320si to race with this season replacing the 2006 Priaulx which he race with last year. The new car was bought from the RVM team. Jackson said that getting the headline sponsor this year has allowed them to buy the car and they will have an engineer at every race from now on. However, Jackson expressed having no financial backing from BMW, though they are endorsed by the company as BMW Dealer Team UK. He admitted that sponsors helped his team to increase the budget this season.

Autosport reported:

"Having a headline sponsor on board for the first time has given us the resources to buy the car and to have an engineer at every race, which we didn¹t have last season," said Jackson.

"As BMW Dealer Team UK, we're endorsed by BMW, but there's no financial backing there. Our sponsors are responsible for our budget increasing this season."

Jackson finished seventh in the championship of last year winning two races. Now, this year he will have a new car and an engineer in every race. So, it is expected that Mat Jackson will have better performance this year.