Wednesday, March 12, 2008

General Motors Introducing Environment Friendly Technologies Looking for Better Times in the Industry

General Motors is hoping to get over the hard times they are currently going though by the third or fourth quarter of the year. In their pursuit to increase their sales, General Motors is offering different technologies asserted in their vehicles. The company’s North America region president, Troy A. Clarke, expressed his hope regarding the future of GM in the coming quarters of the year focusing on the technologies his company is offering.

The technology GM is offering now includes E85 ethanol. The cars which run on E85 ethanol incorporate 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, thus making the vehicles environment friendly. reported:

E85 is a fuel that blends 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. It has been praised for cutting oil consumption and burning cleaner than gasoline.

It also has been criticized for driving up food prices, because much of it in this country is made from corn, demand for which has risen as more E85 production comes online.

E85 has also been criticized for its lack of availability in most of the country. Clarke says GM wants to address that problem but needs help.

Yes, these are the problems of E85 ethanol technology which, Mr. Clarke said, GM wanted to get over but they needed the help from government. Moreover, GM has some more technologies in their list including gas-electric hybrids car. Even the fuel-run vehicles of General Motors have improved gas mileage. Clarke expressed that GM wanted to sell what people wanted, not what they wanted.

GM is now facing some problems created by auto parts suppliers’ strike. However, GM Chief Executive Richard Wagoner did not admit that it was being affected heavily on the global sales of the company as the company dealers had enough vehicles in their lots. However, the reality is that due the striker many plants of the company have been shutdown. So, though General Motors will not understand the affect of it now, it will have an impact in the long run. I think, General Motors bosses should come to a compromise with the suppliers in order ensure a flawless production in the industry.