Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BMW Expanding South Carolina Plant by Increasing Workforce and Space

BMW is going to increase its production in South Carolina plant. With the expansion of the plant, the number of workforce will also be increased by 500 in the plant. The plant will be enlarged by 1.2 million square feet in terms of production space. BMW board member for global production, Frank-Peter Arndt said that the plant will be used for the production of the X3 and X5 sport utilities and X6 sports coupe.

New York Times reported:

Mr. Arndt said BMW would add a new generation of its X3 sport utility vehicles to the site, making the plant the exclusive source for the X3 and X5 sport utilities, as well as the X6 sports coupe introduced this year at the Detroit auto show.

BMW recently declared that it had plans to reduce its workforce by 5000 in Germany, 600 in other countries, which is 7.5 percent of its total workforce. Now, BMW is increasing its production in South Carolina. BMW might have enough ground to take up such decisions. May be production cost of the units is less in South Carolina than that of Germany or may be BMW is going to manufacture the sport utility car for a particular segment of people in the country. Now, let us see if BMW can capitalize fully on the expansion of the South Carolina plant of BMW.