Saturday, February 02, 2008

Toyota: New Plant in China?

Toyota is a Japanese company and you know that Japan and China do not have very good relationship for many years. In fact, often we see bitterness between China and Japan over the past history. However, Toyota is a popular name in China. Toyota officials want to get a better pie of the market share in China too.

AFP wrote:

Toyota Motor Corp is studying a plan to build a new assembly factory in Changchun, Jilin Province, with an annual production capacity estimated at 100,000 units, the business daily said.

It would likely invest 50 billion yen (469 million dollars) to construct the plant, with operations expected to begin in the early 2010s, the newspaper said.

Toyota already operates a small assembly facility in Changchun, but the factory would be its first full-fledged plant in the city, and its eighth assembly base in China.

It will create some more jobs in China. The future of auto industry is in Asia. Toyota officials have realized this matter and they are doing quite well in China.