Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Toyota to Introduce its Flagship Toyota Brand in South Korea

Having seen the increasing import car market of South Korea, Toyota Motor Corp is now planning to introduce its flagship brand cars in South Korea in 2009. South Korea’s total import car market has seen 32 percent of increase so far in 2007. Toyota has already entered in to the South Korea’s auto market with its Lexus brand in 2001. The high end Lexus model holds the highest share in South Korea’s import car market.

Guardian reported:
Japan's top automaker will likely concentrate on hybrid cars such as the Prius, to be sold initially through several dealerships to be run by group trading firm Toyota Tsusho Corp T> , the paper said.

Toyota has experienced 18 percent increase in its sales volume so far this year in South Korean auto market. So, naturally Toyota bosses will consider the South Korean import car market with seriously. Now, let us see if BMW, Toyota’s nearest competitor in import car market in South Korea, come up with any counter plan.