Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Toyota Astra Motor Experiences 2.6 Percent Rise in September

PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has recorded 2.6 percent up in their car selling in September compared to the last year. PT Toyota Astra Motor is the largest car dealer in Indonesia. The company has joint venture with the widely recognized motor company Toyota. TAM sold 13,731 vehicles in September, 1.8 percent rise from August. However, the company’s industry wide sales has fallen down slightly.

Forbes reported:
TAM said its market share improved slightly to 33.5 percent in September from 32.5 percent in August, as industrywide sales fell to 41,035 from 41,471 in August.
TAM is a 51-49 pct joint venture between PT Astra International and Toyota Motor Corp.
It seems that the company has been successful so far in the year. In the first nine months

TAM sold 109,242 which is 34.3 percent of the industry wide sales in Indonesia. Now, let us see if PT Toyota Astra Motor can continue its success in the last quarter of the month.