Friday, February 02, 2007

New Facility from Mile One Auto Group for Consumers

Buying a car may become a nightmare for many people. It is time consuming and we do not have so much time in the modern age. The good thing is that we have more information in Internet about buying cars. I found this press release at Yahoo!:

The Mile One Automotive Group, one of the nation's largest and fastest growing automotive groups, announced today plans to offer consumers a way to shop their inventory and begin their price negotiation -- virtually. Consumers will have the opportunity to lock-in deals utilizing a special system allowing anonymous eNegotiation, all from the comfort of ones home or office.

"Our customers are looking for ways to save time and money. Additionally, many have told us they'd like to by-pass the 'showroom experience' and engage on-line with us in different ways," explains Brian Williams, Director of Marketing for Mile One. "We are committed to creating ways to help our clients to easily find the specific vehicle they want and then have the opportunity to negotiate and ultimately buy it, without stepping foot in our showroom. Within the next few months, we will be launching and car shoppers will see our inventory published, click on a little green button and will be provided a way to begin the negotiation process on the vehicle they're looking for," Brian explains. "As an added benefit, the consumer will have the choice to remain anonymous!"

Car buyers should find this way of shopping more convenient while saving time with the entire buying process. "I'm excited to know that I can negotiate with a dealer without having the challenges I've had in past car buying experiences," expresses a recent customer of Mile One. "Anything that can help me enjoy buying a car, saves me time and eliminates the hassle, is worth it."

Mile One Auto Group anticipates tremendous success with this system. "In our partnership with Auto Bid Systems, we will be moving beyond our traditional way of doing business and creating a unique advertising and e- commerce environment that helps us find customers and sell them vehicles before the buyer ever enters the showroom -- all by using our inventory and leveraging our web site. We will invite our customers to visit our web site, negotiate and lock in their deal with us on any vehicle we have in our inventory. We believe that if we can offer the customer real value -- they'll want to buy from us," predicts David Metter, Divisional President - Marketing for Mile One/Atlantic

Very good. Consumers need more facilities from other auto sellers too.