Friday, February 02, 2007

Auto Trader magazine and Free Warranty

Influential magazines often offer special facilities for their readers. Auto Trader magazine is giving a special facility for its readers.

News Car Net wrote:

Car buyers can now benefit from a free 30-day warranty on any vehicle bought through Auto Trader magazine or its online equivalent.

Research shows that the failure rate of cars leaps up by 50 percent, and will break down on average a third of the time, as the vehicle moves out of the comfort zone provided by the standard manufacturer's 3-year warranty.

In a recent Auto Trader survey of more than 1,250 car owners, 86 percent said the peace of mind from a warranty is worthwhile.

With the majority of the cars featured in Auto Trader either approaching or past the 3-year mark, some initial protection against sudden failures will ease the minds of potential purchasers.

Good news for those who want to buy a car.