Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Living in a R-reg Ford Mondeo Car for Nine Months

Living in a R-reg Ford Mondeo Car for Nine Months

Really, sometimes I feel sympathy for the western people. We in Asia suffer every kind of hardship. Many people live in the street in Asia and it has become a part of everyday life. You go to street in any major city in Asia and you can find hundreds of people living in the street in miserable condition. However, here is a true story of a family in the UK who are living in a car because they have no house.

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I found the story in Leeds Today with the title:

Homeless family forced to live in a car

A Leeds family are living in a car after losing their home nine months ago.

The heading is perhaps enough to tell the story. Well, you may wonder that the people are either drug addicted or lazy. No, they are just normal people like you and me. The report stated:

Club singer Daniella Prestwich, daughter Hayley, 12, and partner Duncan Haigh, 29, were made homeless in May and are sleeping out in their R-reg Ford Mondeo. Ms Prestwich, 28, said: "We always find a safe place to park up, cover the windows and have lots of quilts to keep warm. I am 6ft tall, but luckily the car is quite long, so I can just about fit in it."

They stay in public car parks or on quiet residential streets near the homes of friends. She added: "When it is freezing, we put the car heater on which eats up petrol, but we have to keep warm. It can be quite cosy, we have lots of covers, wear thermals and layers and can even make a cuppa with a water heater through the cigarette lighter."

The family have been taken off the priority list for Leeds City Council housing after they refused to accept a run-down property, which they say was not fit for human habitation.

It is a case in which the UK government has failed to deliver its basic duty of protecting its citizens. UK is not a poor country and its government can surely afford to ensure a small but decent house or apartment for this family. The family is suffering all kinds of problems. Because of not having a fixed address, they cannot find steady jobs and they have to go to the houses of different relatives and friends for washing, taking bath or even brushing teeth.

I urge each and every one of you who are reading this post to spread this message over the Internet so that UK officials become more active and help this poor family. Nine months is too much for anyone to stay in a car.