Tuesday, January 23, 2007

General Motors Canada Awarded for Contribution to Environment

Car companies are often in the wrong side of environmental protection. So, it sounds very sweet when we can see that any auto company is awarded for its contribution towards the environment. General Motors Canada has just got a prestigious award for its role in saving the environment. reported:

Given by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the Pyramid Award of Recognition acknowledges the contribution that dismantling older vehicles and recycling their parts has on the environment.

"The Car Heaven program encourages motorists to contribute to a clean environment by donating their old vehicle. Motorists also receive the benefit of the incentive to purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle. It's a win-win situation," says Sophie Gagnon, director of public and government relations for the CAA.

Since coming onboard in May 2005, GM has offered a $1,000 incentive for eligible donors towards a new GM vehicle. More than 12,000 vehicles were retired in 2006. The emissions of their vehicles are equal to the emissions from more than 230,000 new vehicles.

This is a good initiative from GM. I wish that GM gradually spreads this program to all the countries on earth. Other auto makers should learn from GM and commit more on the environment.


Fatima said...

Thanks for your support. Car Heaven is a program of the Clean Air Foundation -- we run several successful programs, similar to Car Heaven, to help the average consumer make the right choices when it comes to minimizing their impact on the environment. Check us out:

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