Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Flexible Series Hybrid Edge from Ford Motor Co.: Is It Worth it?

This is the age of caring for the environment and reducing fuel emission in the cars. Auto companies are in a rat race to bring out the next big fuel saving and environment friendly car. Ford Motor Co. has done a superb job by introducing Flexible Series Hybrid Edge, the energy efficient car of tomorrow.

Reuters reported:

The concept vehicle -- a modified Ford Edge -- was one of several technologies Ford and other automakers were showing off at the Washington, D.C., auto show intended to highlight their progress in pushing into alternatives to gasoline, including ethanol and clean-burning diesel.

Ford said its Edge was the first drivable hybrid vehicle with batteries that draw power from a hydrogen fuel cell and can be recharged by a conventional electric outlet.

Plug-in vehicles, which have batteries that can be recharged with a standard electrical outlet, have drawn backing from both environmental activists and power utilities since they promise to shift auto-related energy consumption from oil and to the U.S. power grid.

So, you can see that the car is full of goodies and would help us a lot to reduce air pollution. I did not find any information about the price of the product. I hope that the price will be within the reach of most consumers.