Monday, January 29, 2007

Education: A Big Factor in Car Insurance?

I always thought that the rate of car insurance should be equal for everyone. However, it seems that many car insurance companies do not share my idea. Some of them determine their rates according to the education level of the car owner. reported:

Is it fair to make a janitor pay $112 more than a lawyer to insure a car in Florida?

GEICO and a few other insurers say yes, because blue-collar workers are more likely than professionals to have accidents.

State Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty has begun looking into the issue, nearly a year after the Consumer Federation of America first urged regulators throughout the nation to scrutinize GEICO's billing methods.

J. Robert Hunter, insurance director for the Washington-based advocacy group, said his organization had documented that GEICO is using a driver's education level and occupation as factors in setting premiums for vehicle owners in nearly every state, including Florida. At least three other insurers -- Allstate, Progressive and Liberty Mutual -- have begun doing the same thing but to a lesser extent.

What is your idea about this whole matter?