Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad News for General Motors in Australia

General Motors Holden (GMH) is the Australian Unit of General Motors and it seems that there is some bad news for the company. It has not performed in a good way in terms of exporting cars from this Australian unit.

Forbes reported:

General Motors Corp's Australian unit, General Motors Holden (GMH), said its total export sales in 2006 fell 24 pct to 46,074 vehicles, from a record 60,518 in 2005.

It said the fall reflected the end of the Pontiac GTO export program to the US in June last year and a one-off sales program to China and South Korea in 2005 which boosted that year's export total by 7,854 cars.

Vehicles manufactured by GM Holden were sold overseas in 2006 under the GM brands of Chevrolet in Brazil, the Middle East, and South Africa, and under the Pontiac brand in the US, and Holden in New Zealand.

General Motors should take this matter seriously and try to find out the causes behind falling export from the Australian unit. If needed it should arrange some support for the Australian Unit so that things can become better again.