Thursday, June 01, 2006

Football banned in a hotel to comfort Football widows

On the occasion of upcoming world cup various business companies over the world are trying to promote their product using the craze of the world cup football. Some companies are giving a special discount on their products; some are giving scratch cards with each sale of their products through which they are giving a chance to their consumers to go to Germany providing ticket of world cup matches while some other companies are organizing quiz competitions with some attractive prizes. However, in some cases, business owners are to launch some extra packages not using the world cup craze rather to prevent their consumers from world cup. Yes, dear readers, it is a bit interesting that owners are doing this to avert some financial losses.

In England, some hotel owners are doing such things because during the popular sports tournaments like world cup football, they have lack of regular customers as all people become crazy for world cup. So, they have introduced some special packages during the world cup through which they will try to lessen the world cup craze among their customers. Linthwaite House Hotel in Bowness, Cumbria has launched such a package that involves some extra services like showing good films in TV and providing chocolates, massage, reflexology and aromatherapy sessions.

Another hotel named Malmaison also introduced a package of £175 and the customers will enjoy a twin room for two girlfriends, dinner, a bottle of Mal wine, unlimited Häagen Daz ice-cream, a romantic video and breakfast.

I do not know whether they will be succeeded or not with their special packages but it will, no doubt, be very hard to decrease the world cup craze as it has an unique appeal throughout the world.
Am I wrong?