Friday, June 02, 2006

America's falling share of spam mails: Spamming now a $30 billion Industry

Americans are always crazy to feel that they are the number 1 in everything. Their obsession with statistics and records is often in the extreme level. However, no American will lament for the fact that USA is gradually losing the top spot in terms of sending spam mails. Even two years ago, nearly 50% of all spam mails would originate in USA. Now, America is not the leading source spam e-mails. Asia has snatched away this record from USA and according to Sophos, the UK based security firm, it is Asia which leads the spam industry. Here is the market share for the continents:
Asia: 42.8%
North America: 25.6%
Europe: 25%

As a single country, USA is still in the top of the lsit. By country basis the top 3 sources of spam mails are:
USA: 23.1%
China: 21.9
Korea: 10%

What is so surprising is that spamming is developing so fast in Asia. Well, main reason is that Asian economy is expanding very fast and that is why spammers are eager to use their spam emails as a marketing tool. Chinese economy is growing at a rate of 10% for the last one decade and naturally this is a very attractive market for the spammers. The main problem for Asia is that hardly any country has any law against spammers. Most users are not aware about the possible threats that spam emails can bring.

Spamming is now considered to be a very good marketing tool by many people and the size of this industry is now $30 billion. So, no doubt that spamming is a very profitable business and now spamming companies are hiring experts to find more sophisticated solutions for spamming.

The only way out for us is to hope that big companies like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo will come forward seriously and start a fight against spammers. The Asian governments will also have to be aware of this problem and ensure strict law against spamming without any delay.

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