Saturday, May 20, 2006

World Cup Football Injuries: It's the fans who suffer from physical and mental hazards most

Written by: Biplob Kishore Deb
As world cup is drawing near, the injuries of star players like Michel Owen are getting a lot of media coverage and the sponsors are even more worried that the coach. However, you will be amazed to hear that it is the fans who suffer much more injuries in their health and mind than the players. The fans do not play directly but still it is they who suffer most.
According to an article published in a Chinese daily, watching football may cause some serious health and mental hazards like cardiac arrests, drunk-driving, fan violence, wife-beating, smoking, getting addicted to fatty foods, depression and even suicide.
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A study of the British Medical Journal (BJM) found 25% increase in the number of heart attacks after the defeat of England to their ever rival team Argentina during the 1998 world cup. In 1950 world cup some Brazilians killed themselves after their team lost to Uruguay. The most interesting news has been found in the article is of the opinion of a researcher at Cardiff University in Wales, Vas Sivarajasingam who says that the possibility of making clash by the fans is higher after winning the match than after losing the match because after winning fans are more likely to celebrate and get drunk and lose control on themselves and thus bad accidents and incidents may happen. During the last world cup Thailand's deputy public health minister, Surapong Suebwonglee and his Ministry tried to make fans aware of the serious health risks from eating too much snacks and beer.

I have noticed one thing. People in Asia and South America are too much crazy for World Cup Football. The craze of Asian people is really a surprising matter. No Asian team has even reached the final of World Cup Football. Except, Korea no team has consistent performance in World Cup. Still, people in almost in every Asian country are crazy for World Cup Football. So, Asian fan- please, watch out this time. Don't risk your health. If you have any heart disease then do not watch any tie breaker. Finally, I think that FIFA should have a special fund for supporting those person's families who die during World Cup from excitement or depression.
Do you agree with me? What is your own condition during World Cup Football?


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