Monday, May 29, 2006

Thai people are heeding towards gambling on the craze of World cup

Written by: Biplob Kishore Deb
Football is the only sport that has great appeal over the world. Let me give one example, more than 850,000 people in Bangkok will bet in the coming World Cup. The news is based on a survey of the Assumption University ABAC. The university conducted a survey on 1,584 people in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

According to the survey, about 850,173 football fans, who are above 13, will participate in gambling in Bangkok on the occasion of upcoming world cup. These people will gamble around $56.3 million. Can you imagine that the people of a country like Thailand, who did not qualify in the World cup since this tournament started in 1930 and not even established themselves as a big power in the world football, are going to spend such a big amount in gambling ahead of world cup football? It seems that people are getting the football fever.

The pool also found that about 83% of the 850,173 football fans will be involved in gambling just for getting some extra enjoyment while watching the matches. On the other hand, rest of the fans will do this just for sharpening their analytical skills. Here, it is noteworthy that according to the ABAC survey, about 63.8 percent people in Bangkok will watch live matches and it will decrease productivity, but this problem may not be so severe because all of the world cup matches will be held at night in Bangkok as well as in the other South Asian countries due to time difference.

So, now could you understand why football is a universal sport?
I am sure, you could.
Survey finds 850,000 Bangkok football fans gambling on World Cup