Thursday, May 25, 2006

Here comes Toyota Camry Made in China

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
Toyota’s first production of Camry in China has made its debut on Tuesday. Hundreds of government and company officials were present to celebrate the moment. This new car is produced in Toyota’s new manufacturing plant in China. Toyota Camry has already ranked top selling car in America. According to the report published in the Mainichi the new Made-in-China Toyota Camry will cost 197,800-269,800 Yuan which is far below than the price of an imported Camry (340,000 Yuan). Toyota officials are expecting that this new price will increase the sales. Toyota Motor Corporation is comparatively a late comer in the Chinese auto market. In 2005 it sold 179,000 vehicles in China. Compared to the Japanese automakers General Motor Corporation is doing well in China. Last year, it outpaced Volkswagen. Another major challenge for Japanese automakers is the remaining political tension between the two countries that took a serious turn last year. After all this, Japanese automakers are very optimistic about selling their products and invested heavily in China. The new Chinese plant of Toyota is worth 3.8 billion Yuan. The plant contains all the latest technologies of auto manufacturing.

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Anonymous said...

That means I will never own a Toyota ever again.