Wednesday, May 17, 2006

China sees a 40% increase in websites

(By Razib Ahmed)
Even just 10 years ago, Internet was considered to be mainly a technology for scientists and scholars and most of the internet users and websites were limited to USA only. However, things are changing very fast in Asia and China is perhaps taking the lead role in the increase of number of websites from Asia. The number of websites registered in China crossed 2.6 million in 2005 and this figure is 40% more than the previous year. 60% of the websites are owned by the private companies whereas 21.9% are owned by individual users and the rest are educational websites or government owned sites.
There is huge potential for growth in China as far as the market of websites is concerned. Now, these 2.6 million websites are mainly limited to 9-10 cities and the rest of the country are yet to witness Internet boom. Thus western companies should consider investing in this field in China right now and perhaps this is the best time to have the best return for investment in China in web hosting.
The number of Chinese web pages is 2.4 billion and this is growing very fast every day. I was interested to find any statistics about the number of web pages in English language in China. If you know any such statistics please send me the link.

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