Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogs from Asia: Blogfam- the meeting place for Indonesia bloggers

(By Razib Ahmed)

Before anything, I must admit that I do not know Indonesian language and that is why my review of Blogfam (Blogger Family) is not the best of my writings. Actually, it is not a blog but a forum for Indonesian bloggers living home and abroad. The url is:
If you are interested about Indonesia please visit the forum.

In home page, I found that until today, the forum has 2176 registered users and the users have posted ' a total of 107618 articles within 5884 topics'. The design of the forum is very nice and I liked the layout and color. I browsed the staff page and found that many of the moderators were living outside of Indonesia.

The South East Asian financial crisis of 1997 destroyed the economic backbone of Indonesia and within just few weeks, millions of Indonesian people lost everything and became poor. I still remember those days as I used to write about Asian business in a newspaper in my city.

Indonesia is a great country and I am always fascinated with it because of its cultural similarity with South Asia. To the outside world Indonesia is mainly known as an attractive tourist destination but Indonesia is more than that. Indonesia is rich in natural resources and Indonesia is the only member of OPEC from East Asia.

The members of Blogfam can surely contribute in building a different image of Indonesia in Internet. However, for that they have to write a bit more about English language in net. I hope that Blogfam will have more content in English language in the coming days.


JaF said...

Hello, I'm quite surprised to read about Blogfam in your blog. Thanks for your interest and review.

I first joined the forum a couple of years ago and found quite an experience and not to forget new friends lovong all over the world.

Blogfam was build with the spirit of family ties between various blogger all over Indonesia. "A big virtual family on the net" as we like to call ourselves. As you mention at the end of your review, yes I also do hope that it would help contribute to building a better image of Indonesia.

With regards to English content, well we are focusing more on Indonesian at the moment, eventhough from time to time several members send in their posts in English.

Again thank you. :-)

miko said...

I joined that forum one year ago :)