Thursday, May 25, 2006

BBC Blog: The Door to FIFA World Cup Football 2006

The world cup football is knocking at the door and BBC opened the door making an outstanding and informative blog for the football fans throughout the world. Through this blog football fans can have an access to be in touch with the World cup football. BBC news staffs are sending recent news on world cup staying in Germany. So, every news item is like a new drop of water from the sky during the rain and readers enjoy the article on recent news much. Every article gets a lot of comments and thus it has become a very highly interactive place for the football fans.

Now, let me be first to give thanks to Roger Mosey, the director of BBC sport, for launching such a blog that provides instant news of world cup to the readers. The blog publishes article on various topics including the news of teams, fans, host nation Germany and many more. Moreover, another thing that made me feel very happy is that readers can through some questions and BBC blog officials give answers to these questions later on.

Among the all articles, one article titled "Ominous words" written by the editor of the blog, Alex Rickett, attracted me much where the writer focuses on the places where the world cup teams are practicing and he also predicts that England would perform well even if they do not get Wayne Rooney. I should give thanks to Mr. Alex for his well-thought article.

Besides, there are some interesting links of world cup diaries of some star players like Michael Owen, David Beckham, Ronaldinho etc.
where they talk about their views, thought, opinion, goals regarding the world cup. So, I find this article very interesting and informative. Readers can know about the pre-tournament views and thought of their favorite players.

At last, I would like to say that irrespective of football fans, blog writer and journalists can go through this blog. Have you visited the blog? Not yet, then why are you getting late?

BBC blog