Saturday, April 08, 2006

World Cup Football 2006 : Good news for German Economy

(I know World Cup Football 2006 does not go with the theme of this blog- Asian Business. However, today, football is both the most popular and the richest sports in Asia. So, I have decided to post about World Cup Football 2006. Fortunately, Biplob Kishore Deb, one of my most favorite students, is a great soccer enthusiast and he is going to write about World Cup Football 2006. I have asked him to write about the economic aspects of the world cup more than the game itself since it is a business blog. However, I am not going to disappoint my readers and publish everything he writes about World Cup Football 2006. Why? Simply because, in the next few days the excitement of World Cup Football will be the main interest for the people living in almost all the Asian countries. So, happy reading!)

World Cup football, one of the most prestigious and richest sports tournaments in the world, is going to be held on June 9 in Germany. In today’s world, games and sports are not confined in a recreational motif; rather the financial or economic aspects get more priority. From this perspective, German economy will observe a substantial growth through hosting the tournament.
According to specialists, the incoming world cup can result a growth by 0.5% or about three billion Euros in German economy.

On the occasion of world cup, a huge number of football fans from different countries will come to Germany. So the hotels and restaurants will have a good profit over the one month long tournament. Some football fans will not only enjoy the matches but also take the chance to visit historical and other tourist attractive sites that will make their tourism sector profitable.
Last but not the least, this tournament will bring many businessmen and entrepreneurs to the country who may invest there in future. No doubt, that The World Cup 2006 will upgrade German’s present economic condition.
(Written by Biplob Kishore Deb)