Saturday, April 22, 2006

Low precipitation affecting farmers of Bangladesh

Low precipitation affecting farmers of Bangladesh
Bangladesh is an agro-based country. Rain is a very important thing for Bangladeshi farmers. Since they do not have the access to modern farming technologies they depend much on nature. This year the rain has not started yet. Rainy season extends from June to October but the April rain is very important for the farmers. Although there were storms there was very little rain. According to the AFP report the precipitation was recorded 90milimiter in March which was the lowest in the country’s record since 1948. Such low precipitation would severely effect the rice production. This is the time to sow seeds for the Spring Crop which accounts for the majority of the rice production of the country.
Along with the scorching heat and dry weather is the added problem of power supply. Farmers use power generators for irrigation but due to power failure and fuel shortage they can not supply necessary waters to the cropfield.
The government should take proper steps so that farmers can get necessary power supply to continue their work or else economists are expecting a serious famine in near future. There should be a comprehensive plan to tackle this problem in future.Related Articles:
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(by S M Mehdi Hasan)