Sunday, February 26, 2006

All about Google Page Creator

Google has taken the cyber world literary by storm again with its new product called Google Page Creator. Google Page Creator is a very simple but effective tool that will allow virtually everyone to have their own website at free of charge and without having any technical knowledge. You can create your website in your browser without the help of any other software. The initial demand has been so high that Google was forced to stop issuing new accounts.

Signing up

When I tried to sign up in Google Page Creator, due to very high demand Google had stopped providing new accounts. Of course, I felt discouraged because I always like to see Google as the never ending source of information for everyone. Google asked me to submit my email address so that I remain in the queue for Google Page Creator. However, after 5 minutes I again tried and this time I to my sheer delight I got the account but again felt disappointed that Google Page Creator does not support my browser (Opera). So, I entered Google Page Creator with Internet Explorer and this time it opened very well.
Things to note:
* is the homepage of Google Page Creator
* A Gmail account is a must if you want to get Page Creator
* Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 1.0, or higher, with JavaScript and cookies enabled- Then you can work with Page Creator.
By signing up with Page Creator I got a sub domain from Google ( with a capacity of 100 Megabyte. For me it is so interesting to note that for signing up I did not have to fill up any form. Just my Gmail was enough. Even I did not have to spend anytime for selecting a url for my sub domain. I did not have to do any email verification. I am sure this process will attract many users in Net.

Help section of Google Page Creator
Before doing anything, I visited the help section in I spent 10-15 minutes to read the topics and I was totally satisfied to see that the topics were written in very easy and non English. It provided the necessary information about Google Page Creator. Then I visited Google Page Creator Help Center ( It was written in a very easy manner too. The troubleshooting tips are useful too for a new user.

My first page in Google Page Creator
When I saw my home page Google Page Creator I felt like working an Microsoft Word and MS Frontpage. There are places where I should just click and then type something- It is just as easy as that. No download, no support from any other software. Just type some words and hit the publish button- that's it. If you are not satisfied with the Layout then you can change it within a minute. There are 4 kinds of layouts and all you need is to just click on one of them. The same goes for the Look too. If you are not satisfied with the Look of your webpage then there are 41 Looks to select. I liked some of them while the others did not appear to be very impressive to me.

My first Picture Google Page Creator
There is an option for uploading a picture. You can upload by two ways: you can select an image from your PC's hard drive or you can give a url of any picture from Internet. Both of them worked pretty fast.

Adding a page at Google Page Creator
After I finished my home page I wanted to add a new page titled About Me. The process is almost same like working on the first page. After I finished creating the page ( I really felt that Google has been able to overcome the biggest challenge of allowing everyone to have own website at free of charge.

Will my page be found in Google Search
Yes, it will be because Google has informed in its website that within a few hours of my website being created by Google Page Creator it will crawl and add to its search. When something gets indexed in Google, other search engines wont waste time to index it too.

What next for Google Page Creator and Google?
Google Page Creator is surely one of the biggest revolutions in ICT sector in recent times. Google Page Creator is a giant step in overcoming the problem of ordinary users to make an online presence without any technical know how. By it Google entered into the web hosting industry and the best thing with Google Page Creator is that any website created here is supposed to be blessed with unlimited amount of bandwidth.

Difference between Blogspot and Google Page Creator
Google's Blogspot is very popular among everyone and there are thousands of blogs hosted in Blogspot. In Blogspot, a person needs some basic ideas about webpage design and HTML but in Google Page Creator anyone with the ability to browse Internet through Internet Explorer and Firefox will be able to create their own website.

No ads in Google Page Creator
I am not sure about it yet but I did not see any ads of any company including Google after uploading my website. If this continues, then Google will dominate the market of free websites. I have seen many of my students and friends to get annoyed from Tripod and Geocities about advertisements and gradually losing interest about free web hosting altogether.


Ankit Sud said...

You have written a nice post, congrats on that. I must say your observation is great about the small features

yeah the one about not having to fill a form is great. but someone who wants to make a google account and doesnt already have gmail does.

But you have mentioned that.

Brad Boydston said...

My experience with Google Page Creator is very similar. I like the look and feel. In someways Yahoo Geocities is a little more advanced than GPC -- but it has advertising and I don't think it is quite as smooth as the GPC.

If the rumored GDrive becomes a reality that will provide additional storage space for sound and .pdf files. That will work well with the GPC.

I'm still not sure about the long-term viability of Google's business plan -- too much free stuff for the amount of return they get -- or so it seems.

Googlist said...

Thanks for linking this post in my blog comments.

Two important things I see here are your notes about the lack of ads and the ease of signing up for the Page Creator account.

While Google is at its heart a company supported mostly by advertising, it lets content creators choose to be ad-free (both Page Creator and Blogger are ad-free by default). Google seems to think that if you are putting content on the web, you shouldn't have to put up with unwanted ad units unless you opt in voluntarily.

Also, the easy signup is an immense bonus! This is not recognized strongly enough by users of Google products. The Google Accounts login allows users to move easily (and probably seamlessly in the future) through Google's web properties. The less effort it takes to sign up for content creation, the more content will be created.

Great post, keep it up.

Shishank said...

Your post is pretty descriptive. How your see GPC fitting in Google's oferings? Also wouldn't it be nice if Google page creator integrates with Blogger to give user the choice to create his own theme?


Anonymous said... much does it cost for webhosting my 2GB site...?